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PU Wood Beams, Decorative Wood Beam (Faux), Ceiling Beam. Very Realistic, Hand Hewn.

This unique decorative beam is made of PU material.
Provides an incredibly realistic look and great de decor for your celing.
Lightweight design allows for easy installation (unlike large wood beam which is difficult to fit).

This beam has the pattern and shape of natural wood beam. It is strong enough to resist pressure.

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  • Sale! wood beam, beam, fake beam, faux beam, oak beam

    PU Faux Wood Beam (12x12cm)

  • false oak wood beam, false wood beam, fake wood beam, faux wood beams, wood beams, fake oak beam, faux beam, fake beam, pu beam, pu wood beam

    PU Faux Wood Beam (21x13cm)

  • wooden fireplace mantel beam, oak beam mantel, fake beam mantel, faux beam mantel, faux wood mantel, WOODEN FIREPLACE MANTEL BEAM, WOOD FIREPLACE MANTLE, WOODEN FIREPLACE MANTEL, WOOD MANTEL

    PU Wood Mantel Beam, Faux Fireplace Beam

  • Decorative Rubber Strap For PU Beam, Single Bolt Rubber Strap, PU Beam Decorative Strap.

    Decorative Rubber Strap For Fake Beams

  • Decorative Bracket For PU Beam, Plastic Fake Beam Bracket

    Decorative Plastic Bracket For Fake Beams